Hello world!

Friends, many years ago, I had purchased the domain name Lamartiniere.org in the hope that I could turn this over to someone or some organization that would maintain it in a manner that would reflect the ethos and glory of what it was to be a Martinian.

Here is a challenge. Should there be enough interest from dedicated Martinians, I am willing to work together with and finance a website for Martinians past, present and future. The intent is to build something spectacular that does us proud.

Any takers?

I will need high-resolution photos of Mart and some ideas of what content we should place there. How about short bios of old Martinians? Or should we stick to the present??

We will need total 5 (Editor to be part of the content crew)

1) An editor

2) at least 5 directors/content contributors.

Perhaps the stages should be: 1) get an idea of what is appropriate 2) get the volunteers on board 3) do a pilot of the site 4)The Volunteers who become the Board take it over. My ideas for discussion (by no means final): Phase one:Brief on Mart, vision, photos, videos, showcase some prominent faculty and alumni Phase two: referral for business, employment etc; services to needy Alumni, etc.

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